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Focus area – Open landscape
In the Nedre Dalälven area, there are flat lands along the banks of lakes and watercourses that regularly become flooded, particularly during the spring snow melts. The majority of these lands are found along the Nedre Dalälven River, but flooded meadowlands are also occasionally seen in other parts of the area, including in Svartådalen. River meadows and natural pastures are characteristic along the river. 

Unique conditions have led to biodiversity
For a long time, the hay from these meadows was an invaluable resource as winter fodder for livestock. In some cases, the hay-making was also combined with subsequent grazing. Along with the water, this custom created the conditions for high nature values both in the meadows and along the edges of the adjacent forests.

Affected by disuse and changed water regulation
Because this custom has largely ceased, and the regulation of the Dalälven has led to changes in water flow, many of these earlier open meadows have become – or are on their way to becoming – overgrown, which means a loss of biodiversity and landscape values.

The Nedre Dalälven Collaboration (NeDa) has been working for a long time to restore the river meadows and to promote their resumed use for hay-making and grazing. Important work for the preservation of this biodiversity and for maintaining the open landscapes is conducted primarily within our three Leader projects aimed at restoring and cultivating the river meadows: Harvest from River Meadows, Cultivation of River Meadows and Spark the Embers.