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Guided historical walk in Garpenberg

Guided historical tour in which we walk through old parts of the village of Garpenberg (Dala-Finnhyttan). We’ll look at the buildings and learn about their history and what they meant for the village and the people who lived here.

  • Organizer:GarpenbergsTurism
  • Product:
  • Time:19 juli, 9 augusti, kl. 16.00
  • Location:Dala-Finnhyttan, Garpenberg
  • Travelers:2-15 personer
  • From:Over 15 år 150 SEK/person
  • Tel:+46 73 904 3856

Garpenberg is an old village known for and marked by its mining, but everyday life here was quite different for the wives and children of the miners. The rest of society had to function as well. Women gave birth to children and the children went to school. The shopkeeper had to be paid when payday came around. Many of the houses and buildings along the village street have a lot of history to offer. People have been living and working here since the Middle Ages – or actually even since 375 BC. Molten copper from this time has been found in the Gruvsjön lake. People came here to find work. Some became rich and others became workers in the mine. There has been a school in Garpenberg since the late 1700s. Both the mining industry and the church left their mark on the village.

Included: We begin our tour at Garpenberg Church and continue our walk along the village street, delving all the while into the history of the buildings and the people who lived in them.

The tour takes about 1 1/2 hours.

A guided tour through the village of Garpenberg and its history.
The guided tour is conducted in Swedish, but is also available in English, German, and Italian upon request.
Your guide speaks English.
Deutsch wird gesprochen.
La guida parla italiano.

Meeting place: the tour begins at the parking lot behind the church in Garpenberg. For more information, please call +73- 904 38 56 or send an email to To be able to do the tour on foot, you need to be able to walk about 2 km. Perfect for anyone who: wants to know more about the village of Garpenberg in older times. How did people live and work here? The tour is disabled-accessible. Book whenever suits you! Welcome!

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