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Saga Walk in the Brattfors forest

A Saga Walk through the Brattfors forest, where we’ll walk in the woods and discover the tales and legends that have been talked about in Garpenberg for generations.

  • Organizer:GarpenbergsTurism
  • Product:guidade-turer
  • Time:12 juni kl 16.00
  • Location:Brattfors, Garpenberg, huset med solen
  • Travelers:2-10 personer
  • From:1 barn med vuxen 100 SEK
  • Tel:+46 73 904 3856

During this Saga Walk through the Brattfors forest, we’ll walk in the woods and listen to both new and old sagas, legends, fairy tales, and prophecies that came true 300 years later. We’ll look at nature, explore and discover the things we don’t normally see. We’ll hear sounds in the forest, listen to birds chirping and look around us. We’ll go into a tiny old hut in the forest, where charcoal-burners lived and worked many years ago. We’ll hear lots of sagas: tales about treasure, about strange things and people, tales that have been around for a long time, and tales that are no longer told. Come with me out to the forest and listen to the stories of our district! Perfect for anyone – young and old alike – interested in local tales and legends told in the environment they belong in. Participants must be able to walk easily through forest and fields. We’ll walk through the forest. We’ll visit a charcoal-burners’ hut. We’ll listen to the forest and the Garpenberg river.

Included: Suitable shoes and clothing for the forest (about one and a half hour) are recommended. Meeting place: the tour begins at Brattfors in Garpenberg. Payment can be made on site with Swish or card. You’re welcome to book your own tour!

For more information, please call: +46 73-904 38 56 or send an email. To book the tour, please write to:

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