The board

Members of the board as of 2018-04-19


From the municipalities 
Peter Kärnström, Sandviken municipality, chairman 
Susanne Berger, Avesta municipality
Marie Wilén, Heby Municipality, vice chairman
Mats Nilsson, Säters municipality 
Jonas Nyberg, Tierps municipality

From land and water owners 
Lars Sängstuvall, Bergviks Skog ltd
Pirjo Gustafsson LRF

From other businesses 
Renata Künz, Hedesunda Camping 
Substitute members 
From the municipalities 
Roland Ericsson, Gävle municipality
Hanna Westman, Sala municipality
Ola Gilén, Hedemora municipality 
Marie Larsson, Älvkarleby municipality
From the land and water owners 
Birgitta Adell, Fortum Generation 
Johanna Ydringer, BillerudKorsnäs AB 
From other businesses 
Karin Bengtsgård, Bengts and Tyttbo Rappids