The Nedre Dalälven association

The Nedre Dalälven association was founded in 1986 by representatives from both the public and the private sector. The subsidiary Nedre Dalälvens Development Inc. was founded at the same time. In light of the area's both good and bad conditions 1986, public and private stakeholders formed the Lower Dalälvens association and subsidiary Lower Dalälvens development corporations. The organization goes by the name of the Nedre Dalälvscollaboration or just NeDa.

NeDa is owned by members of the parent compound. These include institutions with interests in the region in the form of companies, the nine local governments and organizations. 
The association and the company's board has identical composition. The board is comprised of members or alternate representatives of all municipalities involving Lower Dalälven and representatives of various sectors of the economy. 
In the early 1990s, the association also started up and owned the renowned company Center for Architectural AB who specializes in the restorations of old buildings. The company was later transferred to private individuals. In 2000, LEADER+ Lower Dalälven, which has close links to NeDa, but that was a separate legal entity. The year 2008 was replaced LEADER of a new LEADER Lower Dalälven formed for the programming period 2008-2014, the work in progress for the Registry during 2015.