The Nedre Dalälven Biosphere Reserve River Landscape is a uniqe area. A large river with wide bays, separated by areas of rapids and delta landscape. A clear ground of agricultural land from the Middel-ages; it remains an open cultural landscape and with the Limes Norrlandicus, the meeting between north and south is clearer here than in any other place. This means that we have a greater variety of species than in any other area in Scandinavia as regards to mammals, birds and fish.

About the Biosphere Reserve



The Nedre Dalälven Special Interest Association was responsible for the application and is in charge of the operations. More...


About the landscape

The Nedre Dalälven area is a large, varied area bound together by many biological, social and cultural factors. More...


Values of national interest

The Swedish National Heritage Board makes decisions on areas of interest as regards cultural environment. Some located in the Biosphere Reserve. More...

Biological mosquito control


The Nedre Dalälven region, with its flood-prone floodplains, has long been known for enormous and recurrent mosquito nuisance problems. The aim of Biological Mosquito Control is to reduce the abundance of floodwater mosquitoes to acceptable levels so that people can enjoy living in and visit the region. More...