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Biosphere reserves are areas of major natural and cultural value and the aim is to promote social and economic development, protect biological diversity and to be an arena for research and education. They are nominated by the government and chosen by UNESCO. Today, there are seven biosphere reserves in Sweden and more than 700 biosphere reserves internationally and the number is steadily growing. 

A biosphere reserve is not a new level of bureaucracy, does not create new protected areas, does not create any new regulations and does not restrict the rights of citizens.

The three functions of a biosphere reserve



To support people living and working in the area through economic and social development in a way that is sustainable. More...



To support research and education that benefits the area and supports a sustainable development. From old to young and for both visitors and inhabitants. More...



To preserve landscapes, ecosystems and biological diversity. Both biological and cultural values must be preserved. More...

The Man and Biosphere Programme



UNESCO´s Man and Biosphere programme was established in the early 70´s. More...


Aim & Vision

The aim is to establish long-term sustainibility and improve relationships within the biosphere. More...



The purpose of the MAB-prgramme is to create better conditions for biosphere reserves to serve as model areas for sustainable development. More...