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Fishing in lower river of Dalälven

- Swedens most complete fishing area

"In my opinion, Nedre Dalälven is one of Swedens most interesting areas when it comes to fish pike, zander and perch. The area is very varied with calm bays, streams and channels and delta landscape that suceed each other. Another advantage is that the infrastructure for anglers is well developed" Mikael Engström, one of Swedens most known fishing journalists. 

The Lower Dalälven river is a 200 kilometer stretch of exciting and varied fishing. Alongside the river are inviting large and small lakes. The water is unusually rich with species with some 30 species of fish. Chances are always here to catch really big fish. In the streams there are the salmonid fishes grayling and trout. Salmon and sea trout you will find in Älvkarleby in large quantities and size.

Fishing in lower Dalälven river


Fishing packages and arrangements

There are a number of companies that specializes in fishing packages in the area. They are offering accomodation and fishing boats that holds a high standard.

We can also customize different fishing and nature arrangements for any type of groups, private, corporate or associations. More...


Fishing conservation plan

A general conservation plan for the areas basin from the munincipality of Säter to the ocean in Älvkarleby. Recommendations to each fca to use according to their own conditions. (Swedish only) More...


Rules and ethics

To preserve and increase our number of species and the sizes of the individuals we ask you to read this. More...


Rental boats

On many places it is possible to rent boats, from modern fishing boats to canoes and kayaks. More...


Species in the waters

There are more than 30 different species of fish. Pike, pike-perch, salmon, grayling to name a few. Here you can learn more about the different species. More...