Rules and ethics

All anglers are expected to find out the rules of the area, which are printed on the fishing card or on a pamphlet you get when you buy the card. Card prices vary from area to area, as do regulations on minimum size, catch limit, season limitations, permitted methods and so on. Reed more about the different fishing conservation areas here.

In addition to those regulations, all fishing in Nedre Dalälven must be ethical and ecologically correct. A caught fish is a living being, not a toy, and must be harmed as little as possible before it is killed or thrown back. Although the region has a lot of fish, visitors may not catch more fish than they need for the day’s lunch or dinner. You can take one or two fishes with you when you go, but not a whole cooler full.

Giant pike are important to the ecosystem. In addition, they are not very good to eat, and a big pike is far more than a lunch or dinners worth. For ethical and biological reasons, they should be thrown back. Feel free to photograph and measure them, but throw them back.

Different rules apply for locals than for visitors, such as the right to fish with a net. Always respect the rights of locals and never touch their fishing tools.