Payment and Travel Terms

Who is responsible?

Nedre Dalälvens utvecklings AB (NeDa)

Kölnavägen 25

SE-810 21 Gysinge

Phone: +46 (0) 291-211 80.

Corporate ID No: 556297-9616

The booking confirmation message states what has been purchased and the conditions that apply. Where bookings are made through a travel agent, it is the agent’s responsibility to ensure that the customer complies with the appropriate terms and payment procedures.


When does my booking become binding? 

As soon as you have received a confirmation of the booking and paid the appropriate sum within the time stipulated, the booking is binding both for you and for NeDa.

When you book online via our website, a confirmation of your booking will be sent to your email address. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of making your booking, you must contact NeDa by telephone to +46 (0) 291 211 80 or by email to


How much do I pay, when and to whom? 

You must pay the published price of your booking, plus or minus any changes in taxes that have occurred since publication of the price list. The recipient and deadline for payment are stated in the ’Special Conditions’. Online credit card payment takes place at the time of booking. This page is encrypted (SSL 128 bits) to ensure that it is safe for our customers to submit personal details and card information.


What happens if I don’t pay on time?

NeDa will not send reminders in the case of unpaid deposits. If NeDa has not received the deposit by the payment deadline stated on the confirmation, the booking will be cancelled. If you have paid the deposit, one reminder will be sent to you regarding payment of the balance. If NeDa has not received the balance by the date stated on the reminder, the booking will be cancelled. If you do not submit payment in time, this is regarded as a cancellation and the standard regulations for cancellation apply.


What if I want to cancel?
You can cancel verbally or in writing by contacting NeDa, by tel: +46 (0) 291-211 80, fax: +46 (0)291-211 81 or email Your booking will be cancelled once you have received confirmation from NeDa.

If there are other options for cancellation, this is stated in the ’Special Terms’ below. Cancellation charges apply as stated in the ’Special Terms’. Please note that changing your date of arrival or departure is regarded as a cancellation.


What if I just want to change something?
If there is the option of changing parts of your booking, the cost of such changes is detailed in the ’Special Terms’. Please note that a change in your date of arrival or departure is regarded as a cancellation.


But what if something happens to me?
You can insure yourself for cancellation costs by purchasing cancellation cover. The price of this is stated in the ’Special Terms’. If you have cancellation cover, you can cancel as late as 24 hours before the trip and you will only be charged an administration fee of 5% of the total cost of the booking (up to a maximum of SEK 200) if the following occurs:

a. Death, illness or accident of a serious nature affecting you, your spouse or partner, your or your partner’s parents, children, siblings or travelling partners.

b. Conscription to the military forces or civil defence

c. A serious incident beyond your control, such as a major fire or flooding in your home, which means that it is not reasonable to expect you to stick to the commitment of your booking. You must be able to provide evidence of the impediment to your journey with a certificate from a doctor, authority or insurance company. Certificates submitted more than 7 days after the date of cancellation will not be taken into consideration. Any cancellation cover charge, booking alteration charge or booking charge will not be refunded.

Please note that if you cancel less than 24 hours before your trip you will be charged the full sum of your booking.


What happens if something goes wrong?
You have the right to cancel your booking if all or part of your booking cannot be provided according to the booking confirmation, and if no replacement product can be arranged, where any difference in quality is so minor that it is of no significance to you (for example a change to a hotel or cabin of the same quality). Everything you have paid will be refunded to you, minus the value of any parts of the booking that you have already used. If a transport service or event is included in the booking and is cancelled at short notice you will only receive a refund for that service or event. If you have any complaints you must report them to us within 3 (three) days of your arrival. Any problems that occur during your stay must be reported immediately to the hotel or cabin staff. If you do not seek to have complaints rectified during your stay, and as such fail to give the staff the opportunity to rectify any shortcomings, you cannot claim compensation retroactively. If you are still not satisfied with the compensation you receive, you must communicate this in writing within 60 days from your day of departure.

What happens if I disagree with the organiser? 

Come directly to us with any complaints. If we do not come to an agreement, you can take the matter to the National Board for Consumer Complaints. It consists of an independent chairperson and representatives of travel agents and consumers. The address of this Board is Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm.


What regulations apply when I book a cabin, apartment, accommodation or activity?

It is our responsibility to ensure that:

  1. You receive a written confirmation of your booking.
  2. You receive documents and other information in good time.
  3. You are kept informed on any significant changes in your booking.
  4. The service you have purchased matches the description on your confirmation. NeDa is not responsible for keeping commitments that have been made directly to you by the service owner or contact person, without our knowledge. Please be sure to obtain any commitments in writing as a precaution.
  5. You have access to the cabin/apartment/hotel room from the time stated on your confirmation.


What are my responsibilities?
* You are responsible for checking your booking confirmation as soon as you receive it. You must report any errors immediately. Any significant commitments made by our booking staff are not valid unless they are noted in writing in your travel documents.

* You must follow the regulations, instructions and provisions that apply for your cabin/apartment, transportation etc. Please note that many of the accommodation units rented out are private homes. You are personally responsible for any damage caused to the property and its contents by any act of carelessness or negligence on the part of anyone in your company. You may not use cabins/apartments for any other ends than those agreed at the time of booking (usually recreation) and you may not allow more people to stay in the accommodation or on the land than the number stated in the booking. All names must be stated at the time of booking, and we assume that no more than one child under the age of 2 does not sleep in a bed of its own, unless otherwise stated.

* If the letting party receives complaints of disruptive behaviour, he or she has the right to evict the residents immediately if the problem is not resolved directly after the residents are informed. The same rules also apply if there are more people on the property than is permitted. In such cases, residents will not receive a refund for the remainder of the letting period, and residents will be liable to pay the letting party for any damage caused by the abovementioned behaviour.

* If you have any complaints regarding the accommodation, you should begin by contacting the proprietors so that any problems can be resolved during your stay.

* You must inform us at the time of booking if you suffer from any allergies, so that we as agents have the opportunity to find the right accommodation for you. Please note that the accommodation description states that neither pets nor smoking are allowed. However, we are unable to guarantee that the accommodation has been free from pets and smoking prior to the beginning of your stay.

* You must return all keys of the cabin/apartment/hotel room upon departure. If not, we will charge you for the cost of changing the locks.

* Unless otherwise agreed, you must clean the accommodation before departing. If you fail to do so, you will be charged at least SEK 1000 for cleaning.

* We reserve the right for changes in the law and price changes that are beyond our control.



The relevant check-in and check-out times are stated on the confirmation. Please note that: unless stated on the confirmation, the following are not included in the accommodation price: cleaning, bed linen, towels, cot, high chair, toilet paper etc. Remember to bring everything you will need for your stay!

By submitting payment, you are agreeing to let NeDa process your personal data. This is necessary in order to facilitate standard guest administration, to ensure that NeDa has access to reliable personal documentation in the event of an accident, to fulfil the conditions for cancellation cover, and to administrate and process any damages. This information may also be used to inform you of insurance and payment services and travel-related offers from NeDa, and for our evaluation purposes.



Publisher and package organiser: Nedre Dalälvens Utvecklings AB

Minimum age for bookings
In order to be able to book/enter an agreement with us, you must be at least 18, provided that a higher age limit is not shown on the confirmation. Compliance with the age limit is a requirement for access to the accommodation.

Deposit and final payment
* For bookings made more than 35 days before the arrival date, the whole sum or a deposit of 20% of the cost of the booking must be paid. Payment of the deposit must reach NeDa by the payment date stated. The deposit does NOT include cancellation cover or booking charge.
* For bookings made less than 35 days before the arrival date, the entire sum must be paid at the time of booking.

Cancellation cover
Can only be purchased at the time of an online booking. The price is SEK 395 per booking, and the cover is only valid for the people named in the booking. Cancellation cover is only valid in cases where a doctor’s certificate can be shown. The entire booking must be cancelled in order for the cover to be valid. There is no option of a part refund if the remaining participants wish to use the booking.

Cancellation charges
(Where cancellation cover has not been purchased or is not valid).

31 or more days before arrival: 20% of the booking cost (i.e. the deposit)

30-15 days before arrival 35%

14-2 days before arrival: 50%

1-0 days before arrival: 100%

Cancellation cover, booking alteration charges and booking charges cannot be refunded.

Booking alteration charge
Applies per booking and per change, SEK 150.

It is possible to transfer accommodation and other bookings to a different name prior to the day of departure.

Booking charge and interest on overdue payments
There is no booking charge for bookings made on the internet. We apply a booking charge of SEK 100 for bookings made by telephone/fax. Charges for bookings made via travel agents or other agents vary according to the charges applied by the company concerned, from a minimum of SEK 100. Late payment of a deposit can cause the booking to be cancelled. Interest is applied to overdue payments and there is a charge for payment reminders.

Force Majeure
In the case where a trip cannot be carried out due to an obstacle outside the control of the organiser, which the organiser cannot reasonably be expected to have taken into account at the time of entering into the agreement, and whose consequences the organiser could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, the organiser is not liable for damages or other sanctions. The same applies even if the cancellation of the trip has been caused by someone else whose services the organiser has used or another part of the supply chain.

We make reservation for changes in the law and price changes beyond our control.