Säter-Folkparken-Norddalen, - ca 7 km

The trail mainly follow the canyon

The trail begins in the middle of Säter by the descent to Säterdalen. It goes along the bottom of the Canyon and partly along an old carrigeway. A few sections are a bit demanding with large differences in level, stairs, bridges.

Trail description

Solvarbo Canyon trail is along the upper portion steep, deep and unbranched. Large parts of the Canyon slopes are covered by fur-trees. The further you follow the trail you will find deciduous forest which is typical for canyons, alder dominates. The flat canyon bottom is not very bushy and the trees grows generally sparse. This makes the canyon relatively easy terrain for hikers.

Along the trail

1. Solvarbo canyon Solvarbo canyon is an offshoot of the more famous Säterdalen canyon with great hiking trails. The canyon has been formed by Hyttbäcken, a stream coming from Lake Dammsjön, that dug down into the loose soil layers and sides are subsequently eroded out. The canyon is in some places less than 30 meters deep. It is geologically interesting and has attracted the geoscientific experts interest. Particularly distinctive is the very well designed "valley-of-valley form" that the gorge has.

2. Hyttbäcksbron At Solvarbo village's youe will find Hyttbäcksbron, a magnificent stone arch bridge built in 1868-70. Several foundries were earlier after Hyttbacken and these gave the bridge its name. Here also stood a mill that provided the district with ground flour. The power to drive the mill came from the Hyttbäcken stream..

3. Beautiful nature In the spring, the water floodsrocks and create small waterfalls. Experience a piece of unique and stunning scenery! In springtime, wood anemones covers the entire canyon. The beaver is also an inhabitant of the canyon.

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