Lake Fängsjön - ca 15 km

Österfärnebo - Nässja - Koversta

A nice bike ride around Lake Fängsjön with forests, cultural history and beaches with bathing opportunities.

Trail description

An easy trail through the open fields of Österfärnebo that takes you through magical forests with good chances to spot the wild life of the area. At Österfärnebo church there is a large parking lot that makes it a natural start- and finish point for the trail.

Along the trail

1. Österfärnebo kyrka The beautiful white church in Österfärnebo was built 1819 - 1822 was designed by Gustaf af Sillén. Among other things, you will find two runestones inside the church.

2. Koversta Gammelby The only village in Sweden that still look like it did when it was built in the 1700 century. The village consists of five farms that still stands at the same places as they originally were built. The names of the farms are Åker-Ollas, Norrgårn, Mellangårn, Sörgårn and Ollas på Åsen.

3. Färnebofjärdens Camp site A seasonal camp site with cabins, electricity for campervans and tent sites. Equipped with a modern service building with kitchen, washer, drier and bathrooms.

4. Edsviken beach A shallow sandy beach located close to the road next to Färnebofjärdens camp site. At the beach there is a dock, life buoys and garbage disposals. The water here is, as in most places in Sweden, safe to swim in.

5. Nässja plant nursery The plant nursery of forest company Bergvik Skog cultivates 15 million spruce- and pine plants each year for forest owners in Sweden.

6. Ista nature reserve In the flat beautiful area around Färnebofjärden you find Ista nature reserve. Through the reserve the Enköping esker is stretching out into the river. Valuable river meadows and riparian woodlands is found along the beaches in Hamrefjärden and Istasjön. The low beaches is flooded regularly and the flooding creates high biodiversity and you can find many red listed species here.

7. Vesteboån stream Just after the exit from the main road you will cross Västerån. This is a wetland with a rich birdlife.

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