Garpenberg Mountainbike - ca 75 km

MTB-trails in Garpenberg

Beginning in Garpenberg, just east of Hedemora, this a MBT-trail takes between 3 to 4.5 hours to bike depending on the cycling experience and fitness. The trail starts at the Garpenbergs lighted trails, toward Garpvägen and is clearly marked with red arrows, signs and dots. The trail will expand a little during 2015.

Trail description

The MTB-trail in Garpenberg starts at Garpenbergs lighted trails, towards Garpvägen. The trail is marked with red arrows, signs and dots.
The length is about 70 km and the number of meters of altitude about 1000 m with a lowest point 125 meters above sea level and the highest point 245 meters above sea level.

Note that the trail partly crosses or runs on trafficked roads. Always observe traffic rules. You ride on your own risk!

Along the trail

1. Garpenberg Manor Garpenberg Manor is located just outside of Garpenberg. The Manor was built in 1801 and is Dalarnas largest Manor building.

2. Mining museum Garpenberg is known for the mining of silver, zinc, lead, copper and gold. The old mining chapel is decorated as a mining museum upstairs.

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Constructor: Anders Eriksson Map and GPS: Christer Schapiro
MTB Garpenberg

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