Horrskogstrail - ca 16 km


The trail starts west of Östervåla after Mårtsbogården/Hembygdsgården. By the forest road junction just north of Horrskog you can choose to take north to Hade by the Dalälven river and on to the Hedesundatrail. You can also choose to follow the forest road east to make a detour and then south back to Östervåla.

Trail description

Horrskogstrail is an easy and short track just outside of Östervåla on a less busy road. You can choose to extent the trail northwards or southwards.

Along the trail

1. Skogsvallen At the southern entrance you will find the famous ancient amusement park that started in 1935 and that even nowadays during summer holds performances. The main Stage is one of the largest permanent outdoor scenes in Scandinavia. Famous artists like Simon & Garfunkel, ABBA, Status Quo, Chuck Berry, Jerry Williams, Bill Haley, The Golden Times and many more have performed on this stage.

2. Östervåla Furniture Museum Östervåla is also called "The Chair Empire" for its joinery production of chairs and furniture. Östervåla Furniture Museum is a workshop from the 1800s with unique machinery and tools. The joinery workshop holds mechanical equipment from the early 1900s. The exhibition includes both older and new Östervåla furniture as well as information about the bicentennial furniture manufacturing in the village.

3. Östervåla execution site Just north of the forest road junction after Horrskog, on the border between Gästrikland and Uppland is Östervåla execution site, clearly marked with a distinct and well- worked rock. The last woman executed in Uppland was executed there in 1851.

4. Industrial Memory Kartans Carpentry From the 1800s carpentry´s became common in Östervåla as important ancillary activities to agriculture. In the late 1800s, there were 400 chair carpenters in the parish. The carpentry shop in Kartan is a fantastic experience. It's really not a museum, rather a work that has been untouched since 1995 and where one can expect the cabinetmakers to come back after a break and continue their work.

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