Österfärnebo - Gammelstilla - ca 51 km

Österfärnebo - Ängsnäs - Gammelstilla - Sixbo - Österfärnebo

Cycling along the winding country roads, through woodlands and farmland with villages that opens the horizon. In Trekanten you can take a detour to Gammelstilla which is an old industrial town.

Trail description

Along the winding country roads of the river's flat farmland and then through the woods past the Bredmossens nature reserve, for Trekanten. Which leads a short detour to the west, along the road to Torsåker, to Gammelstilla. Go back past Kolmikulma and along Tidernas Väg through the wooded heathland. Several villages with authentic rural landscape where there are many farms with cows in the pastures.

Along the trail

1. Bredmossen nature reserve One of Gästriklands most distinguished bird marshes, a large, virtually untouched wetland complex. The bird fauna is unusually rich and varied, including nesting crane, lapwing, curlew, sandpiper, the snipe and sandpipers. Wetland, water and forests. Information sign and path (about 600 m).

2. Kolbosvedens pasture The pastures around Kolbosvedens farm began in recent years to grow back because of weak bait. Pastures were restored and the grounds are kept open today by grazing animals.

3. Gammelstilla An old industrial town with an idyllic setting. Gammelstilla has a café and a theater play during parts of the summer. A whiskey initiative is also underway in the historic environment. If the weather is hot, you can cool off in the pond at the mill.

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