The stream of Tämnaren - ca 51 km

From Lake Tämnaren to the sea

From the bird kingdom Lake Tämnaren to the sea. Depending on the season and water flows may the first part of Ubblixbo have impaired mobility. Tämnarån is partially full of rapids, especially the stretch Strömsberg - Karlholm that can be rocky during low water levels.

Trail description

The stream runs through the Tierp plains, and is most easily paddled between Lake Tämnaren and Strömsberg. The river meanders along field edges alternating with dense curtains of alder. The stretch from Strömsberg to Karlholm is rich in rapids for the more adventurous paddler. During bird season it is advisable to start paddling downstream at Ubblixbo, not to disturb the birds. After the bridge before Karlholm follow the left groove to reach the final goal. The right groove leads towards the mini power plant.

Along the trail

1. Tämnaren A shallow lake with a rich birdlife. At the eastern edge of the lake you will find flat rocks down to the lake which perform a nice view of the area. At the lake's northern edge, Aspnäs, is a course / camp site with a chapel.

2. Ullfors mill The mill was built in 1647-1649 at Tämnarån in northern Uppland and was until 1929 an ironwork villages. The buildings that remain today, and the large farm has been preserved almost intact from the late 1800s. The local association Ullfors Group has some exhibitions which include the Smith house, the Archives and the Carpentry Workshop.

3. Tierps church The church is among the largest parish churches in the country and was built sometime in the early 1300s.

4. Torslunda ridge At Torslunda ridge you will find settlements from the Neolithic Age (about 2000 BC ). In connection with the ridge is an outdoor area for exercise and outdoor activities in general. The crest of the ridge reaches up to 60 m above sea level and is perfect for a small break.

5. Fors By the bridge in Fors is some large stones, be careful when passing. Respect the private property on the east side.

6. Strömsbergs mill Strömsbergs mill is also called Upplands white pearl and was built in 1643. It is one of the most complete mills that are left preserved. Films like "Den goda viljan” by Ingemar Bergman and "Damen i svart" was filmed here. A special experience is to visit the moose Museum and look at the 600 horns. Visitor activities available at

7. Fishing opportunities On the route Västlands mill to the river mouth there are fishing opportunities if you buy a fishing license. Baltic Sea fish species such as perch, bream, pike and ide migrate up the river to spawn. Information about fishing license, contact Nedre Tämnarens FVO, telephone 070-528 01 21.

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