Uppland trail - segment 12 - ca 19 km

Österbybruk - Risön

This segment begins with the cultural history of the old mill town of Österbybruk and ends with a hike across the wilderness of Florarna. You will walk in forests and on the footbridges over the wide desolate marshlands.

Trail description

It is worth to spend a few extra minutes in Österbybruk to visit the well preserved old industrial environment. Visit the finery forge and take a walk to the manor. At the start of the segment you find a parking lot and close by also Österbybruks bus terminal. The trail will lead you through the town and in to lighted tracks and forest roads. One kilometer from the start the roads splits. If you turn left you will walk to Film and Risön and if you turn right you will walk to the nature reserve Aspbo or back to Österbybruk, path 12:1.

Along the trail

1. Grave field After crossing road 290 you will pass a graveyard with approximately 50 graves from the Iron Age. The footbridge called Filmspången will lead you across the lake Filmsjön. On the other side of the lake you will find a bird tower. At the church of Film you will enter a road, which is a part of the trail for 1 kilometer. After this section you will walk on easy forest tracks through flat terrain to the idyllic farm Vika in the southern part of the nature reserve Florarna. There is a parking lot at Vika and also a rest area where you can put up a tent and spend the night.

2. The nature reserve Florarna Florarna is the largest undisturbed marshland in southern Sweden. The desolate and quiet marshes provide you with a true wilderness experience. You are visiting the kingdom of animals and plants. The hike leads you through old forest and marshes on footbridges. About 1 kilometer after Vika you can choose to walk through the nature reserve in east or west direction.

3. Stormons rest area The western trail is easy, you will follow a forest trail and road to the resting area at Stormon. From Stormon you will continue through a natural forest with trees in different ages. The path is partly bumpy with rocks and roots. At one place the trail splits, continue straight ahead. The trail that turns right is the so called Torrstigen (Dry-trail) that leads east towards the lake Vikasjön. Further on your path the trail splits again, where you can choose to turn east along the river Gammelån. The trail continue straight ahead.

4. Grillholmen After 1,5 kilometer you will reach the resting area at the islet Grillholmen. You will walk on footbridges to reach the islet. All around the islet is a reed covered wetland. On the islet is a cozy rest area with a fireplace.

5. Västergärde The first house you will see is the croft Västergärde. It is possible to rent the croft for a small amount all year around by the county administrative board. 500 meters further down the road you will find the camp site Risön.

6. Vikasjön If you choose the east trail from the split after Vika you get a shorter track. The shorter track will be exclusively on narrow forest tracks and footbridges. Soon after the split you will reach the fireplace at Staffansholmen. From this place you can catch a glimpse of the lake Vikasjön.

7. Staffansholmen At Staffansholmen you can catch a glimpse of the lake Vikasjön. Towards the end of the trail you will reach a 500 meter long footbridge called Kungaspången (The Kings footbridge). The footbridge was a gift from the Swedish Armed Force to our present king, celebrating his 50 birthday. The Kings footbridge will take you cross a pine forest with cloudberry, bilberry and wild rosemary. Take a minute to breathe and feel the all the scents that strikes you.

8. Risön At the end of the segment is Risön, an old farm from the 1700 century. You can stay here overnight, in a tent or in the open rest cottage. The farm is also available to rent during May - October. For more information contact the county administrative board.

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