Uppland trail - segment 14 - ca 20 km

Lövstabruk - Västland

From the idyllic Lövstabruk the trail will take you west towards Västland, mostly on narrow forest paths. With 200 year old pine, remains from the old village Knuters and a beautiful landscape this segment will bring you to Västlands church where there is a parking lot and a bus stop.

Trail description

Along forest paths and across peatlands you will reach Österlövsta. Just before you reach the small town you will cross the river Strömarån where log-driving once was common. From Österlövsta the trail follows a gravel road through farmlands and forests for 2, 5 kilometers.
When at Svenbo you will leave the road and the trail takes you in to a forest path. Here you find a resting area with a wind shelter. A long forest walk will then take you to Västland and Tämnaråns river valley. Towards the end you will pass the small lake Barsjön, a nice forest lake. On the left side of the lake you will see old pine, the oldest are about 200 years old.

Along the trail

1. Lövstabruk The iron work factory at Lövstabruk was Sweden’s biggest iron work factory for some time and the feeling with workmen´s dwellings, the stately mansion and the manor park. A tourist office is available in the summer and also restaurant, accommodation, children’s iron work factory and a bathing site.

2. Knuters The small village that was demolished in the 40´s century but the wells, basements and fruit trees still demonstrate that the village once existed.

3. Stömarån The river Strömarån was previously used for log-driving.

4. Österlövsta Österlövsta parish has middle aged origin.

5. Svenbo resting area At Svenbo you leave the road and move in to a forest path where you find a resting area and wind shelter.

6. Tämnaråns river valley After a long hike in the forest you reach Västland and Tämnarån river valley.

7. Barsjön At the end of the valley you will walk past a small forest lake, Barsjön. Some of the pine on the west side of the lake are about 200 years old.

8. Västlands church The church that is located on a ridge close by Tämnarån was completed in 1862. Here you find a parking lot and a bus stop.

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