Uppland trail - segment 21 - ca 17 km

Siggefora - Tenasjön

A varied segment that starts with several kilometers of walking at narrow forest trails. One large part of the segment is on small gravel roads through forests and beautiful farmlands until you reach Lake Tenasjön. This segment starts at the lake Siggeforasjön and via Ramsmossen, Bredsjön, Tenasjön you will finally reach Skattmansö river valley.

Trail description

The segment starts at the parking lot on the western side of Lake Siggeforasjön. A 2.3 kilometer detour will lead you to Siggefora camp site on the northeast side of the lake. Just a few meters from the parking lot you will find a resting area with a wind shelter and a fireplace by the lake´s beach. Here you have two options: The eastern trail, part of segment 21:1, will take you by Lake Siggeforasjön and on through Lake Lilla Ramsmosssjön. The western trail will take you through hilly terrain, rocky ground with sparse pine forest. Both options will finally lead you to the rest area at Lake Stora Ramsmossjön.

Along the trail

1. Lake Siggeforasjön The lake Siggeforasjön is an appreciated bath lake with nice sandy beaches without reed.

2. Ulvhällsklack By the Lake Tenasjön the trail leads you near Uvhällsklack with magnificent view and a 12 meter vertical rock wall.

3. Lake Stora Ramsmossjön The lake is surrounded by the 3 kilometer large bog Ramsmossen, a barren area with a northern-Sweden-Feeling.

4. Lake Bredsjön The trail goes by houses and pastures along the lake Bredsjön before it turns to a narrow forest path that will take you south towards the little forest lake Hanelundasjön. Adjacent to the lake is a pine bog where black grouse is playing during spring.

5. Lake Skärsjön Here you find a resting area with wind shelter and possibilities to take a bath. If you come here in the spring you can look and listen for whooper swan and black-throated diver. After the lake Skärsjön you will pass by a bus stop at road 72, Rosenbacka.

6. Lake Norra Tenasjön At the end of the segment you will find a bathing site and a parking lot by Lake Norra Tenasjön. Adjacent to the lake is a meadow that is mowed each year to create a sustainable environment for butterflies. If you are visiting in June-July you might see the rare Marsh fritillary (Euphydryas aurinia) and other beautiful butterflies.

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