Uppland trail - segment 22 - ca 9 km

Lake Tena - Skattmansö river valley

This segment starts at the lake Tenasjön beach where you also find a parking lot. At the beginning of the trail you can make a detour and walk the approximately 300 meter long, unmarked narrow forest track up to Uvhällsklack. The trail continue through enjoyable hilly pine forest terrain towards Skattmansö river valley.

Trail description

From the lake Tenasjön to Skattmansö river valley you will walk through historical environments, a living landscape, nature reserve and past grazing animals. After approximately seven kilometers hiking on narrow forest paths and forest roads you will reach the nature reserve Skattmansö river valley which is popular for outdoor activities all year around. Ytterkvarn and Skattmansö has two resting areas that is suitable as starting points. The resting area is never open during the hiking season but you can rest in the wind shelter. At Ytterkvarn you leave the valley for a while. The high fall in the river at Ytterkvarn has previously been used to create power for a mill.
South of the Skattmansö river valley you can see the foundation of a cottage where a soldier called Björk once lived. If you turn from the road about 10 meters you will find a few inches large river mill carved in the mountain. Signs show these places.

Along the trail

1. Lake Tenasjön The trail starts at Lake Tenasjön beach where you can take a swim. You can also park your car here. At the south part of the lake you will find a nice resting area with a wind shelter.

2. Uvhällsklack On a small detour of 300 meter unmarked path track up to Uvhällsklack, you will find a 12 meter vertical rock wall that offers expansive views of the forests.

3. Skattmans river valley A beautiful, open river valley with flowing water and grazing animals along the slopes. The Northern part of Skattmansö river valley is a nature reserve and through the river valley you find several foot paths.

4. Ski Slope During the winter season you will find Upplands highest ski slope with two lifts, racks for cross country skiing and a sledding hill. Adjacent to the slope you find a heated rest cottage, a wind shelter and fireplaces with firewood.

5. The Nature reserve Skattmansö river valley During thousands of years the Skattmansö river valley stream meandered through the landscape, cutting down through the deep mud. Today the river flows at the bottom of a beautiful ravine, with partly very steep sides.

6. Ytterkvarn By the end of the segment is a well preserved old stone arch bridge, a resting area and a parking lot. Decades ago there was an iron work factory at Ytterkvarn and you can take a break in this historical environment. There are tables and benches and places for a nice picnic in the nature.

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