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Natural environments
Säter has a rich cultural life and many nature attractions. There are many scenic outdoor places to visit here. The five-kilometer-long ravine system Säterdalen is just one example. With its steep slopes, the ravine system is unique in Sweden. Meter-high fern bushes, dense leafy shrubbery and dazzling herb plants, along with Säterdalen’s rich bird life, give it an almost tropical feeling. It’s not only plants that thrive here either, but also many varieties of birds, insects and mushrooms. The outskirts of the “wooden town” of Säter are varied, with abundant cultural districts and hilly forest areas dotted with lakes.

Cultural environment
Take a journey through time and space by following the tracks of silver and iron along the “Silver Ring,” or visit the city of Säter, which is one of the country’s best-preserved wooden towns. The Silver Ring is a cultural loop through Silvberg’s and Säter’s beautiful and exciting mining districts. Here, you can experience how a centuries-old mining industry has shaped historically dense areas in a scenic natural environment. Or why not pay a visit to one of the area’s captivating museums? There is so much to discover in the Säter district! Read more at
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