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Nedre Dalälven’s campsites are often beautifully located close to water and offer everything from places for tents and caravans to well-equipped cabins, service buildings or sites for motorhomes.
Several villages and smaller towns have invested in attracting more guests by making sites for motorhomes, often close to local shops.
Businesses and organizations

Falkuddens Camping & Stugby

Näsvägen 4, SE 774 99 By Kyrkby
Welcome to a small and cozy campground on the banks of the Dalälven River. A unique location where you…
+46 226 700 71 Available

Gysinge Brukshandel

Granövägen 6, SE 811 97 Gysinge
Gysinge Brukshandel is located inside the old laboratory of the Gysinge ironworks. Here you can buy delicacies…
+46 291 210 75 Available

Lars Pers i Fors

Hornbergsvägen 4, SE 811 98 Österfärnebo
Lars Pers in Fors is an organic goat farm at the southernmost edge of Norrland. Cheese, honey and all…
+46 70 536 6160, +46 70 336 2400 Available

Älvkarleby Fiskecamping

Campingvägen 1, SE 814 70 Älvkarleby
Älvkarleby Fiskecamping was established in 1988. The campground has been run by a number of different…
+46 26 727 92 Available

Ängskärs Havscamping, restaurant and catering

Ängskär 304, SE 819 65 Hållnäs
Ängskärs seaside campground is located on the Hållnäshalvön peninsula in northeastern Uppland. We…
+46 294 212 22 Available

Säters Camping

Säters Camping, SE 783 90 Säter
Säters Camping is a perfectly sized family-friendly campground surrounded by a beautiful birch forest…
+46 225 509 45 Available

Kolhuset, Ängskär

Ängskär 370, SE 819 65 Hållnäs
Welcome to Kolhuset in Ängskär! There is a restaurant, campsites and marina here and a beautiful walking…
0722222366 Available

Hedesunda Camping

Övägen 68, SE 818 95 Hedesunda
The Hedesunda campground on the island of Ön in Hedesunda gives the feeling of being in a lush park…
+46 291 441 23 Available