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The best time for art exhibitions in Nedre Dalälven is the spring and summer. This is when you can visit, among art events, the annual Avesta Art exhibition, which showcases world-class contemporary art by both Swedish and international artists. The many well-preserved industrial areas along the Dalälven River, such as Gysinge and Lövstabruk, offer fine and frequently used venues for art exhibitions. Remembrances and reminders of times gone by can be found at the Fire Truck Museum in Gysinge and the Nostalgia Museum in Strömsberg. 
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Utflyktsmål - Platser, Utflyktsmål - Utställningar, Aktiviteter - Guidning,
Brogatan 6, 744 31 Heby
070-690 26 31 Available


Utflyktsmål - Platser, Utflyktsmål - Utställningar, Aktiviteter - Guidning,
Lövstabruks Herrgård, SE 819 66 Lövstabruk
Lövstabruk in northern Uppland dates back all the way to the 1500s and was once one of the world’s…
+46 294 310 97 Available


Utflyktsmål - Utställningar,
Domarbovägen 104, Strömsbergs Bruk, SE 815 96 Tierp
Welcome to Domarbo outside Strömsbergs Bruk and our unique museum, where you can take a nostalgic journey…
+46 70 651 5015 Available

Gysinge Centrum för Byggnadsvård

Utflyktsmål - Utställningar,
Byggesvägen 12, SE 811 97 Gysinge
At Gysinge Centrum för Byggnadsvård, you’ll find all the materials and furnishings you need to make…
+46 291 211 00 Available


Utflyktsmål - Utställningar,
Kanalvägen 1, SE 774 41 Avesta
One of Sweden’s first ironworks was built in Avesta, and for more than 60 years it was the district’s…
+46 226 645 162 Available

Fire Truck Museum in Gysinge

Utflyktsmål - Utställningar,
Gysingsstigen 203, SE 810 21 Gysinge
The Brandbilsmuséet fire truck museum in Gysinge is owned by the Swedish Fire Nostalgia Foundation (Stiftelsen…
+46 70 397 2316 Available