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About us:

One of Sweden’s first ironworks was built in Avesta, and for more than 60 years it was the district’s largest workplace. In the mid-1900s, the technology had become obsolete and things started to get a bit crowded in Koppardalen, so the new Southern Ironworks was built and production was gradually relocated there. After sitting abandoned for decades, the buildings in the old industrial area of Koppardalen came into the ownership of Avesta Municipality in 1986 and careful renovations began. The ironworks are now teeming with life again. Today, Verket is a cultural and industrial heritage site and national treasure. It is remarkably complete, allowing visitors to follow the path of the ore through its transformation into iron and steel. An experience museum has been created here, where the realities of times gone by are made understandable through a playful use of technology. During the summer, Verket is home to the annual Avesta Art exhibition, which showcases world-class contemporary art by both Swedish and international artists. Avesta Art was started in 1995 and has put both Avesta and Verket on the international art map. Verket’s murky chambers, beautiful slag stone walls and large furnaces make for a fascinating art gallery, and bring an exciting contrast to the white rooms that are otherwise so common in the world of art. Verket is an arena for vibrant encounters that touch and create memories for life.


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  • Address:Kanalvägen 1, SE 774 41 Avesta
  • Tel:+46 226 645 162

Avesta Art

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Verket, Avesta
Se hemsidan
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Lucia Jazz

12 dec, kl 19:00
Humlebackens Kulturhus, Bäsinge
Max 90 personer
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