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Slow Trips
When you feel like you want to slow down and experience things at your own pace, maybe explore the surroundings or learn more about the place you are visiting, it might be time to test out the “SlowTrips” concept. It’s all about giving yourself time to slow down and experience everyday life, nature and culture at your travel destination instead of feeling like a tourist who has a long list of things to check off.

Slow down and try new things: see how it is to actually live on a farm, find the hidden treasures in the little village you visit, maybe a fishing trip to the local fishing hole that “no one” can find, spend the night on a historic island, forage in the forest for berries and mushrooms and then cook together using nature’s ingredients. A horseback ride or learning more about the farming and gardening arts, or sneaking along the water at dusk and learning about the lives of beavers. There are so many exciting and unusual destinations and activities perfect for a SlowTrips experience with us here in Nedre Dalälven. Isn’t it time to start enjoying life?

Businesses and organizations


Sörgärsbo 185, SE-73361 Västerfärnebo
Regenerative life on a garden plot – this is how we describe what we do. We grow food, have chickens…
+46 70 574 6683 Available

Edens Garden

Hällsjö 108, SE 726 92 Skultuna
Edens Garden is a great option if you’re looking for somewhere to stay and fun activities in a calm,…
+46 70 681 8987 Available

Fallängetorp för fä och folk (for cattle and people)

Fallänge 115, SE 775 96 Krylbo
Fallängetorp för fä och folk offers accommodation, farm life, food and conference facilities. You’ll…
+46 73 091 8781 Available

Basjkir Horseback Riding

Karlsäter 2, SE 814 95 Älvkarleby
Horseback riding on allergy-friendly Russian horses in the forests of Uppland. At the core of our business…
+46 26 870 08 Available


Brattfors 111, SE 776 98 Garpenberg
GarpenbergsTurism arranges cultural events and historical guided walks in the forest and village of Garpenberg.…
+46 73 904 3856 Available

Gårdsjö Moose Park

Gårdsjö 127, SE 744 91 Heby
Gårdsjö Moose Park offers visitors an amazing and unforgettable experience, with tours allowing you…
+46 70 353 6060 Available


Bärreksvägen 27, SE 810 20 Österfärnebo
Multiadventures in Österfärnebo has the Färnebofjärden National Park as our base. From us, you can…
+46 73 243 7821, +46 70 334 8235 Available