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Basjkir Horseback Riding

About us:

Horseback riding on allergy-friendly Russian horses in the forests of Uppland. At the core of our business is our horse farm that we started 25 years ago. Our philosophy is to keep things adapted and close to nature. Horseback riding in forests where the feeling of closeness with nature is an important part of the experience. Our Bashkir horses make this an experience even people with allergies can enjoy. The horses are somewhere between common horses and Icelandic ponies in size and are calm and safe. Our guests often describe the terrain we ride through as a changing landscape with abundant botanical variety. We are located just east of the E4 highway, about 1 hour from Uppsala, 1.5 hours north of Arlanda Airport and 0.5 hours south of Gävle. You can also take the train to the Marma station and we’ll pick you up there!


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  • Address:Karlsäter 2, SE 814 95 Älvkarleby
  • Tel:+46 26 870 08

Nature Kitchen, Basjkir Horseback Riding

Karlsäter, Marma
4-10 personer
+46 26 870 08 Available

Horseback riding on friendly Basjkir horses

Hela året, turer 1-3,5 tim
Gården Karlsäter, Marma
2-4 personer
+46 26 870 08 Available

Café and lunch, Strömsbergs Café

April - augusti
Strömsbergs Café , Strömsbergsbruk
30 inomhus , 30 ute
+46 26 870 08 Available

Conference at a historical industrial site in northern Uppland

Året runt
Tierp, Lövstabruk
2 lokaler om max 40 personer
+46 26 870 08 Available

Lunch and dinner in a genuine old-fashioned inn and tavern

Året runt
Tierp, Lövsta bruk
Max 70 personer
+46 26 870 08 Available

Summer yoga on large lawn

Lördagsmorgnar sommartid
Strömsbergs Bruk, Tierp
max 15 personer
+46 26 870 08 Available

Stay at Gysinge Vandrarhem

Året runt
Gysinge, Färnebofjärdens Nationalpark
9 rum, 20 bäddar
+46 26 870 08 Available