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Tourism development

Since the formation of the Nedre Dalälven Collaboration (NeDa) in 1986, the board of directors has highlighted the significant potential of tourism development for businesses, entrepreneurship and employment within the Nedre Dalälven area.

More visitors means increased opportunity for trade and services in the area. And an offering that remains in the area and is given the opportunity to develop makes the area in turn more attractive to visitors and permanent residents alike. In short, positive developments in tourism contribute to a vibrant countryside and flourishing municipalities.

NeDa has worked in various ways to develop tourism by coordinating marketing to both international and domestic markets. Skills enhancement concerning product development, packaging, pricing and in later years, the increasingly important digital developments as well as scouting trips for tour operators and the media. It is a challenge for medium-sized and smaller tourism entrepreneurs and destinations to keep up with the dynamic developments we are seeing in tourism in recent years. Particularly events that completely change conditions for the hospitality and tourism industry, such as the pandemic that began in 2020. Added to this are the accelerating requirements for a digital presence for marketing and sales, and this is true for both destinations and business owners.

Networking and skills enhancement between entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and destinations in the Nedre Dalälven area are becoming increasingly important in order to meet market demands and seize opportunities. For decades, NeDa has been the initiator and engine in cluster development, innovation, cooperation and skills enhancement for a clear long-term and goal-oriented investment in sustainable economic, social and ecological destination development. For this, we have an informal Tourism Network that destinations, entrepreneurs, municipal representatives and other interested parties are welcome to participate in.

The Nedre Dalälven Collaboration also has good opportunities to influence conditions that help stimulate further development possibilities for the area’s tourism at both the local and national levels.

NeDa has taken on the role of working for continued tourism development in the Nedre Dalälven area.