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Fishing in Nedre Dalälven
Sweden’s most complete fishing waters

Nedre Dalälven offers 200 kilometers of exciting and varied fishing areas. The Dalälven River alternates between large lakes and bays full of islands, and narrower areas with streams and rapids. You’ll also find inviting lakes of different sizes along the river. The area has an unusually large number of fish species – about 30 in total. There are plenty of opportunities to catch some really big ones!

If you’re fishing in bays or lakes, you’ll mostly find pike, perch and pikeperch, while in streams you can catch salmon-like fish, such as grayling and brown trout. Salmon and sea trout can be found around Älvkarleby, where they are plentiful.
Businesses and organizations

Villa Granvik

Strömgatan , 815 76 Söderfors
Villa Granvik in Söderfors, a beautiful, a villa in manor style, ideal for family gatherings, holiday…
+4673 316 5748 Available

Hörenedsjöns Fishery Conservation Area Association

C/o Lars-Peder Lindström, Sörhörende 255 , SE 733 61 Västerfärnebo
Hörendesjön’s fishery conservation area association is located in the westernmost part of Nedre Dalälven…
+46 70 667 8688 Available

Stora Skedvi Fishery Conservation Area Association

C/o Linda Lundin, Bispbergshyttan 97, SE 783 93 Stora Skedvi
The Stora Skedvi fishery conservation area between Säter, Borlänge and Falun offers varied sport fishing…
+46 70 320 2017 Available

Säters Fishery Conservation Area Association (FVOF)

℅ Ulf Ljusteräng, Gustaf Adolfsvägen 19, SE 783 34 Säter
Säter’s fishery conservation area association (FVOF) consists of over 60 lakes, ponds and creeks.…
+46 70 542 6775 Available

By Fishery Conservation Area

C/o Anders Bohlin, Hedevägen 4, SE 774 98 Horndal
The By Fishery Conservation Area is located in Avesta Municipality near Näs Bruk in southeastern Dalarna…
+46 70 - 542 6161 Available

Gysingeforsarnas Fishery Conservation Area Association

C/o Agneta Lennartsson, Berreksvägen 67, SE 811 98 Österfärnebo
Near Gysinge, the Dalälven river splits into two branches, and just south of Sevedskvarn one branch…
+46 70 546 3961 Available

Färnebofjärden Fishery Conservation Area

C/o Ordf Maria Vestlund, Laggarbovägen 10, SE 811 98 Österfärnebo
Färnebofjärden is located in Nedre Dalälven. The bay begins downstream of the Tyttbo rapids, at the…
+46 70 374 3870 Available

Strand Aktivitet, Karlholm

Karlholms Strand, SE 819 40 Karlholm
Strand Aktivitet, Karlholm Strand, is located along the Uppland coast in Tierp municipality and is run…
+46 70 602 7447 Available

Älvkarleby Fiskecamping

Campingvägen 1, SE 814 70 Älvkarleby
Älvkarleby Fiskecamping was established in 1988. The campground has been run by a number of different…
+46 26 727 92 Available

Älvkarleby Sportfiske

Forskarstigen 14 B, SE 814 94 Älvkarleby
People have been salmon fishing for hundreds of years in Älvkarleby and salmon play a very big role…
+46 26 729 16 Available

Sivans Fiske

Falluddsvägen 2A, SE 814 94 Älvkarleby
Sivans Fiske in Älvkarleby is run by Sivan Jansson, who grew up in Jämtland and has been fishing since…
+46 70 292 2583 Available

Östa Fishing

Östa 506, SE 740 45 Tärnsjö
Stay in a spacious lakeside cabin next to the Färnebofjärden National Park and fish right in the middle…
+46 73 657 3400, +46 70 460 6995 Available

Säters Camping

Säters Camping, SE 783 90 Säter
Säters Camping is a perfectly sized family-friendly campground surrounded by a beautiful birch forest…
+46 225 509 45 Available

Friskens Fiske

Östvedavägen 174, SE 818 96 Hedesunda
Friskens Fiske in Hedesunda invites you to come stay in one of our cozy cottages and experience the fantastic…
+46 73 959 7635 Available

Tyttbo Forsfiske

Tyttbo 2, SE 77 499 By Kyrkby
The small Tyttbo Forsfiske fishing license area comprises the currents and rapids of Balforsen and Tyttboforsen,…
+46 70 991 7777, +46 70 282 6231 Available

Äventyrsservice i Sverige AB

Äventyrsservice i Sverige AB , SE 811 98 Österfärnebo
We are an event and activity company and have been in business since 2005. We focus on the overall experience,…
+46 26 21 5001, +46 70 651 7335 Available

Hedesunda Camping

Övägen 68, SE 818 95 Hedesunda
The Hedesunda campground on the island of Ön in Hedesunda gives the feeling of being in a lush park…
+46 291 441 23 Available