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Included: Before your visit: Verket is a hands-on, full-sensory museum and an exciting venue filled with unique experiences and impressions. Here, visitors encounter an exciting mix of history, art, natural sciences, ICT (information and communication technologies) and media. Verket invites you to enjoy interactive experiences in industrial history, a number of different exhibitions including Avesta Art, as well as activities focused on future learning. Most is housed within the three largest halls: The Roasting Furnace Hall, the Blast Furnace Hall and the Open-Hearth Furnace Hall. Our total visitor space covers more than 5000 m2, distributed over several different levels and floors, with elevators to all of these. There is also Cornelius Hall, and its Creative Learning Centre. Verket is a unique historic industrial site that has been preserved and refurbished to its time of operation. Some areas have been adapted for accessibility, but most of the building is in its original condition. This means uneven floor surfaces, steep stairs, dim lighting, cold, moisture, wet or icy surfaces, and dust. It is important that all visitors are aware of these conditions and show extreme caution during their visit.

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