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Kolhuset, Ängskär

About us:

Welcome to Kolhuset in Ängskär! There is a restaurant, campsites and marina here and a beautiful walking path that winds around the entire headland.


  • Fri parkering
  • Servering
  • Tillgänglighet
  • Address:Ängskär 370, SE 819 65 Hållnäs
  • Tel:0722222366
  • E-mail:
  • Webb:

Camping cottage, Ängskärs Havscamping

Ängskär, Hållnäs
3 campingstugor
0722222366 Available

Conference at a historical industrial site in northern Uppland

Året runt
Tierp, Lövstabruk
2 lokaler om max 40 personer
0722222366 Available

Summer yoga on large lawn

Lördagsmorgnar sommartid
Strömsbergs Bruk, Tierp
max 15 personer
0722222366 Available

Lunch and dinner in a genuine old-fashioned inn and tavern

Året runt
Tierp, Lövsta bruk
Max 70 personer
0722222366 Available