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1-day Section A adult fishing license, Älvkarleby sportfiske

Easily accessible fishing spots. Lovely cottages and RV/caravan sites for rent. Nice lean-tos in scenic spots along the river. You can purchase fishing licenses and gear at the fishing office, which is open daily from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. We’ll be happy to provide you with information about suitable fishing spots, instructions, and advice. Feel free to warm up in our cabin, which has a simple kitchen…

  • Organizer:Älvkarleby Sportfiske
  • Product:fiske
  • Time:3:e lördagen i mars-30 nov, reception dagl kl 7-18.
  • Location:Älvkarleby sportfiske, Älvkarleby
  • Travelers:1 person och uppåt
  • From:220/350 SEK/Vuxen. 50 SEK/Barn.
  • Tel:+46 26 729 16

Fishing for the whole family! In Section A, you can fish from the third Saturday in March up to 30 November. After this, mostly sea trout from March until mid-May (average weight around 2 kg). From the end of May until the end of July, you can fish for salmon (average weight 10 kg). During the autumn, the sea trout migrate from the sea again and can be fished from September until the end of November, when fishing closes for the season. You can get a Section A license for the day, week, or season. Family licenses are also available (all must live at the same address). Contact us before your visit for more information on equipment and current fishing conditions. Section B/C is the section downstream of Section A. Calm, flowing waters that can be quite difficult to access from land. Pike, perch, and pikeperch are the most common species for fishing in this section. Vimba bream, common roach, silver bream and ide are also plentiful. Most whitefish are in weights near Swedish records.

Included: Fishing licenses in Section A include: Day license Adult, Child. Family licenses (residents at the same address). Weekly and season licenses. Same as Section B/C. We arrange guided tours in Section A. Maximum 5 persons, Minimum 3-hour tour and SEK 500/hour. For larger groups, please contact the fishing office.

Before your visit, please read the fishing rules and other information on our website, or visit us at the fishing office for current and daily info. Fishing in Section A for sea trout and salmon is done by land and regular shoes work just fine. You should use high-quality fishing gear, as the salmon in particular are quite large (average weight 10 kg). Keep in mind that braided lines are not allowed in Section A. Kungsådran’s exclusive fly fishing must be booked separately. See our website under the Kungsådran tab.

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