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Beaver Safari in Svartådalen, evening tour

Have you ever seen a beaver? What do you know about beavers? On our Beaver Safari, you will join a knowledgeable guide on a tour through the fascinating world of Svartådalen. We will paddle quietly and carefully across the shimmering waters of the Svartån river through the kingdom of the beavers.

  • Organizer:Edens Garden
  • Product:guidade-turer
  • Time:Maj-september, se nedan
  • Location:Edens Garden, Hällsjö Gård, Svartådalen
  • Travelers:2-10 personer
  • From:695 SEK/vuxen, 495 SEK/barn
  • Tel:+46 70 681 8987

We’ll head out in the evening, when the wind usually dies down and the water becomes calm. The evening mist dances in veils across the water over the fields and through the trees. You’ll hear birdsong, the trumpet blasts of cranes and the rustling of reeds... And now we keep still and wait for what happens next – beavers! A fascinating animal with real carpentry skills that came to Sweden from England during the last century. The beavers build their lodges from twigs, mud, and stones. With a spool-shaped body, a tail that looks like a fin and webbed feet, beavers are perfectly equipped for life in the water. The beaver is a keystone species, which means that it benefits biodiversity and is thus vital for our freshwater lakes and watercourses and also for our climate system! A workshop on beavers, coffee/tea/fruit drinks and sweet rolls prepared over an open fire, a canoe tour through the beaver kingdom, canoe, paddles, life vest, seat cushions, mosquito jacket/hood. We try to take pictures during every tour, which you can then download via a Dropbox link.

Included: No prior canoeing knowledge is necessary. Remember to bring warm and weather-resistant clothing that covers your entire body. An extra pair of socks is also a good idea! NOTE: always wear long-sleeved shirts and long trousers.

We have special mosquito jackets/mosquito hoods for you to borrow. You must pre-book the tour, and the reservation is binding. In the event of a thunderstorm, the tour will be cancelled, and a new date booked. We encourage you to bring a camera with a charged battery. Also bring binoculars if you have them (we have a few you can borrow). The tour starts 1½ hours before sunset and lasts about 3 hours. We’ll meet at the info sign in the yard and make our way to the water on foot.

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