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Rent a hall for parties and conferences

Are you planning a party, wedding or company gathering? Here in Gysingehemmet’s newly renovated dining hall, you’ll have space to seat up to 40 guests at tables. Welcome to beautiful Gysinge!

  • Organizer:Gysinge Brukshandel
  • Product:konferens
  • Time:Året runt
  • Location:Gysinge, Österfärnebo
  • Travelers:Max 40 personer
  • From:200 SEK/timme, 1500 SEK/dygn
  • Tel:+46 291 210 75

It’s fun to throw big parties and gatherings, but hard to find space at home. But now you can rent the dining hall at Gysingehemmet for your party or special event! The Gysinge hostel is located in the same building in case anyone wants to stay the night and not have to worry about how they’re going to get home after the party. The dining hall has space for up to 40 table-seated guests. There are also speakers you can connect to via Bluetooth – and plenty of room for dancing. Outside, in the orchard, you’ll find a barbecue hut among the fruit trees and a terrace for outdoor mingling. Dishes and cutlery are provided. You can heat up pre-prepared food in the ovens, but you may not cook and prepare food in the kitchen. It’s okay to boil potatoes/pasta/rice or warm up sauce or similar on the stove. The scullery has an industrial dishwasher that is quick and easy to use. You can rent the premises for one day, over the weekend, or by the hour. You can book hostel stays via Gysinge Brukshandel. For catering, we recommend Gysinge Herrgård, Gysinge Wärdshus and World Tree in Tärnsjö. Please let us know if you’d like suggestions for activities or experiences in the area!

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