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Visit our building care shop

In our shop, you’ll find all the materials and furnishings you need to make your house feel like a home. For real. We offer a wide range of carefully selected and authentic products for building maintenance and interior design. Our very own shop-made linseed oil paint, linseed oil soap, textiles, furniture, interior furnishings, garden equipment, lighting and much more. We have period-specific…

Gysinge was established in January 1990 as a sort of counter-movement to the dismantling of Sweden’s historic buildings. Those of us behind the Gysinge movement are all just as passionate about old houses and buildings, as we are tired of outdated fundamentalism and the scantiness of local hardware stores. Showrooms, exhibitions, advice, and sales of good building care materials in a single place is our business concept. That’s why we call ourselves (in translation) the Gysinge Center for Building Care, where “center” stands for the big picture.

Included: Take the opportunity to visit our adjacent café “Ruckel och rödfärg” or any one of the other many excellent destinations in Gysinge. You’ll find the Gysinge rapids, the manor house, the inn, the hardware store, the Orangeriet restaurant, and many more things to see and do very close to our shop. And the entrance to the Färnebofjärden National Park is only a few kilometers away!

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