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Guide Husbyringen, Inger Backlin

About us:

The beautiful, 60-km-long Husbryringen trail in southern Dalarna is Sweden’s first eco-museum. Inger Backlin, who has many years of experience in guiding, offers scenic day trips through the area, where she guides visitors through unique industrial, cultural and historical sights. The tour starts in Hedemora and goes along the Dalälven river, passing through hills and forests. You’ll see old mills, the place where the Gudsberga monastery was once built, and hear about the famous historical figures who worked there, such as Gustaf de Laval and Christofer Polhem. Also included in the tour are the areas of Kloster, Stjärnsund, Silfhytteå, Långshyttan and Husby, before rounding up back in Hedemora. The journey takes about 6-7 hours, including time set aside for buying locally produced goods. Get in touch if you would like a detailed plan for the trip, including recommendations for excellent restaurants or cafés along the way.


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Husbyringen, group trip, 6 hours

Husbyringen, Husby
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