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Outdoor Vagabond

About us:

Outdoor Vagabond is a travel company offering tours and activities aimed at making nature and the unspoiled wilderness accessible to all. With our base in Sala, we offer popular canoeing trips throughout Nedre Dalälven. Among these is the Sala canoe tour, where you can explore the incredible nature, culture and history of the Sala Silver Mine’s ancient and enormous water system, which stretches from the mine all the way up to the Dalälven River. We also arrange tailored wilderness adventures in everything from mountain hiking and cave exploring to outdoor education. We welcome everyone – companies, schools and private groups alike – to join us on our tours! Our vision is a world in which the outdoors is a natural part of everyone’s daily life. Come and experience the wilderness with Outdoor Vagabond!


  • Kulturutbud
  • Tillgänglighet
  • Address:Drottning Christinas väg 13, SE 733 36 Sala
  • Tel:+46 70 243 2827

Canoe trip in Sala

Ons i augusti, sön i september och oktober
Start vid Långforsbadet, Sala
Max 10 personer
+46 70 243 2827 Available