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Karlsäters stugor

About us:

On the Karlsäter farm you can, in addition to riding Basjkir horses, also stay in a cozy cabin, relax, listen to birds chirping and walk along lovely nature trails. Maybe pick some mushrooms? When it’s time for a swim, the Marma beach is just three kilometers down the road and the Furuvik zoo and amusement park is only 30 kilometers away. There are two cottages to choose from, the larger with two rooms, a large terrace, TV, refrigerator and hotplates. The smaller cottage has an outdoor kitchen with refrigerator and hotplates. Bed linen is included. Both cottages have a shared outdoor toilet and shower area.


  • Fri parkering
  • Kollektivtrafik
  • Transfer

Small cottage in Karlsäter

Karlsäter, Marma
1-2 personer
+46 26 870 08 Available

Large cottage in Karlsäter

Karlsäter, Marma
1-4 personer
+46 26 870 08 Available

Lunch and dinner in a genuine old-fashioned inn and tavern

Året runt
Tierp, Lövsta bruk
Max 70 personer
+46 26 870 08 Available