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Uppland Foundation

About us:

The Uppland Foundation (Upplandsstiftelsen) arranges accommodation in the old lighthouse-keeper’s house out on the island of Björn, right next to the old lighthouse. We also run a number of projects aimed at promoting nature conservation and outdoor pursuits. The Uppland Foundation owns and/or manages forty-three areas in Uppsala County. The purpose of managing these areas is both for good nature management and for the creation of areas that are attractive for outdoor pursuits. There are camping sites or cabins in some of the areas. The Uppland Foundation is also responsible for the county’s hiking trail, the Uppland Trail, and for four canoeing trails. Through our nature school, we promote outdoor activities among teachers and school groups. An important part of our work is to spread knowledge about the county’s nature, nature conservation and outdoor recreation. We do this through brochures and pamphlets, on our website and at Biotopia (Uppsala’s Biology Museum).



Guided boat tours with accommodation at Björn Lighthouse in Östersjön

Vår, sommar och höst
Hållnäshalvön, Fågelsundet
1-10 personer
018-611 62 71 Available