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Älvkarleö Herrgård

About us:

Älvkarleö Herrgård is a hotel and conference center on a picturesque manor estate. We host weddings, events and other celebrations and also rent out our beautiful annex buildings. We are located in scenic Uppland right next to the water and surrounded by countryside and beaches. The perfect place for both relaxation and focus. Close to the Furuvik zoo and amusement park, golf courses and fishing. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We wish you a warm welcome!


  • Fri parkering
  • Fri wifi
  • Kollektivtrafik
  • Kulturutbud
  • Servering
  • Tillgänglighet
  • Address:Bruksgatan 22, SE 814 94 Älvkarleby
  • Tel:+46 26 726 35

Rent a vacation home at Älvkarleö Manor

Året om
Älvkarleö herrgård, Älvkarleö
1-15 personer
+46 26 726 35 Available

Kick-off with Sivans fiske

Hela året
Nedre Dalälvsområdet, Alvkarleby
3-30 personer
+46 26 726 35 Available

Conference at a historical industrial site in northern Uppland

Året runt
Tierp, Lövstabruk
2 lokaler om max 40 personer
+46 26 726 35 Available

1-day Section A adult fishing license, Älvkarleby sportfiske

3:e lördagen i mars-30 nov, reception dagl kl 7-18.
Älvkarleby sportfiske, Älvkarleby
1 person och uppåt
+46 26 726 35 Available

Lunch and dinner in a genuine old-fashioned inn and tavern

Året runt
Tierp, Lövsta bruk
Max 70 personer
+46 26 726 35 Available