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Natural environments
There are great opportunities for outdoor recreation in Älvkarleby, with lots of beautiful natural areas to visit. Lovely forest lands and the waters of both the Dalälven River and the Baltic Sea are everywhere you look.
Orchids are plentiful in Älvkarleby and there are 22 species to be found. The lady’s slipper orchid Cypripedium calceolus is rare throughout Sweden, but in Älvkarleby it’s quite common.

Cultural environment
Älvkarleby Municipality has a rich offering of cultural sites with lots to experience. Everything from art exhibitions, book signings, author talks, concerts and music events, to historical walking tours through cultural history from the 1500s to the end of the twentieth century, with highlights such as the story of how the sawmill, which was once considered the largest in Europe, developed in Skutskär.
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