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Sights and attractions
For a truly unique – but natural – experience, visit the Avesta Bison Park, which has a café and playground located right next to the enclosures of the majestic, endangered animals. If you’re more in the mood for music and fun, hop over to Torp – quite possibly Northern Europe’s coolest retro disco. The restaurant and dance hall is built in and around an old barn, covering over 1,000 square meters, and serves delicious food and drink. To make the experience complete, you can even get picked up in a limousine.

Sustainable development initiatives
In Avesta, north meets south. The ‘Limes Norrlandicus’, the biological boundary between northern and southern Sweden, roughly follows the path of the Dalälven River. So it’s maybe not so strange that Muddus Hjortron, a company that originated at the very top of Sweden, now has its headquarters and operations in Avesta Municipality. In Kolarbo, they make Swedish mulled wine, chocolate, teas and much more, and are continuously cultivating new flavors. In addition to their food products – many home-made from local and natural produce – they also run a restaurant and bed & breakfast.
Welcome to Nedre Dalälven