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Life here
Just over 23,000 people live in Avesta. We have a vibrant countryside with the world’s leading fiberoptic network, with 10 Gbit as standard. The municipality currently reports 95.69% availability for mobile and broadband coverage. In our more rural areas, 85% of households have coverage available. A new city plan has been adopted for the Avesta city center to densify and make our little city more centralized.

Move here
In a landscape filled with majestic forests and open fields and with the Dalälven River flowing through the town like a blue artery, Avesta is like a little oasis. We live our lives in the small city, but with the outside world always just right around the corner. Everything is nearby. Half of Sweden’s population lives within a radius of 200 kilometers – and an 80-minute drive to the Arlanda Airport gives you access to the rest of the world. With the railway’s main lines and intersecting highways travelling right through, Avesta and Krylbo remain key transportation hubs in the country.
Welcome to Nedre Dalälven