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Sights and attractions
The Säter area has a rich cultural life and many nature attractions. Säter is one of Sweden’s best-preserved old towns made of wooden buildings. The area also has a unique ravine system, Säterdalen, a collection of old buildings used by sheepherders, a lovely downtown park, and the Silverringen walking trail that connects seven cultural attractions. There are also exciting museums – such as the Mental Health Museum and the Cinema and TV Museum – shopping in town and in the countryside, an abundance of locally produced food, good cycling and hiking trails, and a nearby river and many lakes. Read more at

Sustainable development initiatives
Regarding our tourism and hospitality activities, we work closely with the Visit Dalarna organization. Together, we strive for a sustainable tourism and hospitality industry, which is defined in our tourism industry strategy. In order to become a sustainable region and destination, new knowledge and skills are required for everyone in the tourism and hospitality industry, which is something we work on together. Read more at
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