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Sights and attractions
In Tierp, there as many sights to see as there are waves glittering on the ocean. The long coastline has fishing villages, a unique pebble beach, coves for brave windsurfers, and fields to parachute over. From one spot in Tierp, you can watch the sun rise and then set into the Baltic Sea. There is also a large area far from the lights of civilization. Perhaps the ugliest moose in Swedish art history can be found in an old, castle-like ironworks, and nearby there is a museum with 350 pianos. Read more at Also available as an app.

Sustainable development initiatives
In Tierp’s general plan for the municipality, covering the period up to 2050, water has been identified as a valuable resource for the development of outdoor life and visitor attractions. One example of this is an ongoing project to restore the Tämnarån river into a canoe route from lake to sea. This includes new jetties and rest areas to increase accessibility to the river.
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