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Sustainability in focus
Tierp has, along with the other municipalities in Uppsala County, signed 21 Climate Pacts.  Of these, Tierp has committed to prioritizing seven. These include increasing opportunities to walk and bicycle safely, simplifying line changes between train and bus in public transit, and increasing fossil-free refueling opportunities. Training for decision-makers is another pact that Tierp fulfils through participation in Glokala Sverige for the 2030 Agenda goals.

Biosphere Municipality
Out of consideration for the sensitive living environment for all plants and animals, including humans, efforts and investments are being made in many areas. The municipal energy and environment company Temab AB, which is responsible for water and waste, was among the first in the country to clean pharmaceutical residues from wastewater using the latest technology. The Dalälven River is widely known as an energy source. Uppsala University chose a place in the English Park in Söderfors to conduct research in technology advancements for extracting energy from marine current power.
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