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Good transport options by rail and road are important for local business development. Trade associations and initiatives for local food hubs and marketplaces stimulate the production and purchasing of locally made food. One of the municipality’s key contributions is its simple, clear and quick administration of building permits, licensing and similar.

How we work sustainably for the future
The municipality has an important role as a forerunner and facilitator of increased competitiveness in combination with requirements for sustainable jobs, transports and living environments as well as good resource management. With the help of government funding through the Climate Leap initiative, Tierp is building a biogas fueling station. By accepting the national transport challenge, the municipality as an organization aims to have achieved completely fossil-free transports by 2030. That Tierps Fjärrvärme AB has been using only biofuel since the beginning of 2020 only puts us further along this climate path.
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