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Natural environments
More than 20 natural areas in Tierp have been deemed so unique that they have been designated nature reserves. Of these, three are municipal. Together, they cover all types of nature from coast to archipelago, forest to bogs. To the latter belongs Florarna, a sanctuary of silence and darkness where the sounds and lights of civilization cannot reach. The Risön island in Florarna is also a stop along the Uppland Trail.

Cultural environment
The Walloon ironworks are treasured cultural sites and many offer guided tours and historical exhibitions. Find out what life was like in a Viking settlement at Lingnåre on the Hållnäs peninsula, the county’s first culture reserve. Remnants from the pre-Viking era can be found in the Vendel district, the only area in Sweden that can boast giving its name to an entire historical period, the Vendel Age. Archaeological excavations in the unique and richly filled boat graves have provided valuable knowledge about how the Swedish nation emerged.
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